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Genevieve Heyward is a midwestern Country-Americana artist with a vocal range as dynamic as her personality. After releasing her debut album ( It's Not Like Anyone's Listening) in 2017 and touring the U.S. solo and with other side projects, she has recently joined forces with Wisconsin based Norwegian drummer & producer Marcus Trana ( Painted Recordings), multi-instrumentalist Nick Hoover (DeathFolk,Toivo) and a handful of musicians located both here in the states and in Norway.

Together, they are now working on her sophomore EP titled “The River”, (produced by Trana), due to be released in june 2019 on Painted Records.

She will be touring the midwest after the release of "The River" EP before heading overseas to tour Scandinavia and northern Europe in October and November 2019.

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It's Not Like Anyone's Listening

by Genevieve Heyward